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Smile is contagious. If you feel that your teeth are not aligned correctly, it can impact your smile. A bad bite, crooked or crowded teeth can sometimes hamper your self-confidence. Orthodontist Caledon offers a wide range of treatments that could make your smile beautiful and perfect and a healthier mouth.

What are the services that are offered by an orthodontist?

The services which are performed by an orthodontist can make your smile attractive. The services they provide help to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. It also alleviates crowding and plaque traps. Their treatments can target misalignments that cause speech impediments and improve your speech. The treatment can help to improve your chewing ability. The orthodontist can treat abnormal wear of the enamel due to the bite problems. Their treatments are also preventive. They could prevent jaw problems which are due to the imbalanced biting and loss of tooth or teeth.

How does the orthodontist carry out their treatments?

During the course of the treatment, the orthodontist applies gentle and constant pressure on the teeth. This continuous pressure allows the teeth to drift through the bone and aligns into the correction position. Various orthodontic tools are used for the realignment of teeth. For example, braces are one of the popular options. In braces, small brackets are cemented to the teeth along with the wires. These wires are tightened regularly to help the teeth shift and settle into their desired positions.

The treatments which are offered by orthodontics are not only more comfortable but the results achieved are long-lasting. Various kinds of fixed and removable devices correct different dental problems like spacing, crowding, overbites, and teeth misalignment. Some of the modern appliances used include aligners, space maintainers, removable retainers, and habit breakers.

Generally, it is essential to have excellent oral habits. Once the orthodontic equipment has been placed, like the braces, you would have to walk an extra mile to ensure that they remain clean and well cared for. If you fail to do that by any chance, then it creates the perfect space for the bacteria to thrive. This may cause you to suffer from gum diseases when the equipment placed in your is not well-taken care of. In case you suffer from gingivitis, periodontal disease, or cavities, it is strongly recommended to undergo treatment before you get an orthodontic procedure done.

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential. If you suffer from issues like bite problems and alignment, then these are the problems that can be addressed by the orthodontic. But other dental issues need to be diagnosed and addressed by the dentist before the orthodontic can take care of them. Before aligners and braces can be placed into your mouth, you would need approval for it from a dentist. Book your appointment today and get your teeth evaluated, which would help you to determine whether you require braces or invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment depending  on your age.

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