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Make Sure Your Cannabis Concentrates Are the Highest Quality

Cannabis concentrates, which contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, are derived from cannabis flower and contain high percentages of cannabinoids. THC concentrates can contain up to four times the amount of THC found in cannabis flower, making them popular among avid users or those who use cannabis for specific medical purposes due to their ease of usage and precision.

On the other hand, there can be concerns about the chemicals used to extract the cannabinoids from the plants. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your cannabis concentrates are of the highest quality. Read on to learn more about this important subject.

Shop With Trusted Sellers

With the legalization of hemp following the 2018 Farm Bill and the state-level legalization of cannabis for either medical or recreational use in 34 states and counting, many fly-by-night operations are looking for a quick buck. It’s important to buy from a trusted source. Look for companies like The Hemp Barn, which specializes in CBD, CBG, Delta-8 THC concentrates, and other hemp products. Trusted companies have been in business for years, not months. Find a source that is transparent about where and how their hemp is grown and how it is extracted.

Know Your Extraction Method

Concentrates come in a variety of forms. Concentrates could be powders, prepared vape cartridges, sauces, waxes, resins, sugars, shatter or hash. All of these concentrations are made by processing hemp flowers. Extraction can be either solvent-based or solvent-free.

Solvent-based extractions use solvents like propane, butane or ethanol to pull essential oils out of the flower. After the solvent and essential oils are separated from the plant, the solvent must be purged from the product through evaporation. When a concentrate is labeled as “solvent-free” it means that a solvent was used but has been evaporated out. It is different from a truly solventless extraction method. Solvent-based extraction products include:

  • Butane hash oil
  • Distillates for vaping
  • Shatter concentrate

Solventless extraction uses filters, pressure and temperature to force the essential oils out of the flowers. They may not reach the same levels of cannabinoid purity as solvent-based extraction methods. Solventless extraction is seen as more natural and includes:

  • Dry sifting hash
  • Ice water hash
  • Rosin

With the chemicals and processes used to create concentrates, you can see the importance of trusting your seller.

Look for Product Testing

Whether you’re using hemp concentrates to relax after work or you’re using them as part of a managed medical condition, you want to know that you’re always getting a quality product that has consistent levels of the cannabinoid you need. Labs like PHR Labs can provide you the testing results for various hemp companies so you can find a product that always meets your needs.

Hemp products like CBD are becoming more popular everyday. Their ability to treat anxiety, pain and sleeplessness, to name just a few, means they will also become more common. It’s important to look for a trusted source with the products you want, that have been third-party verified to make sure you get the results you need.

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