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Check out the dos and Don’ts to keep in mind while getting an SMP treatment.

To begin with, this is more like a medical treatment that people undergo for the mentioned issues. Here, the doctor or the practitioner inject your scalp’s topmost skin with a colored pigment that gives a subtle or shadow to the naked scalp of actual hair but is closely shaved. However, as most people dont know much about it, there could be some frauds or even worse results of getting this done from a non-expert.


  1. Get your homework done and gather basic knowledge about this treatment. Then, go for a free consultation or get in touch with a renowned professional.

It is vital to choose such a practitioner who is experienced and can show you legit reviews from other clients. Personally, Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles can offer you some experts in this practice.

  1. once you read enough about it, you will know that it isn’t something that can give a natural hair look. It just is a mirage of the same.

If you get into this with an expectation that you will get a proper hair look, then my friend, you might come out disappointed. It will make the baldness go away but just with the color, not actual hair.

3: have a budget of $3000 to $4000 with you. It may take more or less depending on your hair needs.

Let’s face this: being a high-tech medical advancement will cost you value, but trust in me when I say that it will be worth it. It is almost like getting a new life if you ask people with suck issues.


  1. SMP is next to the permanent treatment or substitute for your hair issues. Once done, it will last for years, so do not get into it without giving it ten thoughts. Only when you feel confident and have faith in your practitioner, this works.
  1. It is nothing like getting a tattoo on your skin. Please note that there might be frauds or people who will offer you to get the same thing done for lesser money or traditional tattoo artist, trying it as an experiment, but your scalp is nothing to be played with. So, stick with a trained professional.
  1. SMP can only give you a subtle shadow of hair, so hold on with the intensity of pigments you ask to get injected in your scalp; experts from whom you get this done know the best, so proceed with that.

To conclude, this is a new world. Among many other cool trends, SMP is the one you get done to your hair. Scalp micro pigmentation means getting your scalp colored. So it makes sense you have a bald spot on your scalp that is visible. Hair loss, baldness, thinning of hair, or even scars on the scalp can make people feel low among their peers or colleagues. SMP is one way to boost your self-esteem and embrace your flaw.

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