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Why Do You Need to Have a Dual Knee Strap?

You have adequately noticed some athletes wearing tiny straps around their knees. Basketball players and runners commonly use these straps. So you might be wondering why they always have them.

Knee straps are small knee braces known as knee cap straps or patellar straps since they wrap around below the knee cap.

This offers compression on the patellar tendons to lessen knee pain and stop various injuries. So, let’s look at the situations when these devices are helpful, when they are not and what other options you might have.

How Can a Dual Knee Strap Help Your Knee Pain?

The strap reduces strain on your patellar tendon. The external pressure from the knee strap lessens the stress on the tendon. This reduced stress is helpful when it comes to recovering from knee injuries, and the tendon will not need to work harder, giving it enough time to heal and relieve pain.

Extra Knee Support During the Healing Process

Proprioception is the 6th sense that tells you the location of your joints. For instance, as you read this, you don’t have to see your knee joints to know if they are straightened or bent. You feel its position. So, the knee straps add to this impact.

This offers more support and stability when running or working out, which might stop knee injuries.

The Bands can Help with Some Orthopedic Conditions

Also called patellofemoral pain syndrome, the main sign is pain at the front of your knee that gets severe with slight movement. Some of the causes include:

  • Inflammation of the tendon
  • Underlying muscle weakens in the hips, legs, and feet
  • Forcing yourself when the body is not ready

In this case, the knee band will lessen the pain at the front of your knee. However, it would help if you addressed the underlying causes of the pain to prevent further injury.

A dual knee strap might not be a perfect option in these situations

A band won’t do a lot if you have knee instability

Meniscus or ligament tears require more support than what patellar straps can offer. In those cases. Knee sleeves or hinged braces will work perfectly. However, the type of brace you need will depend on the seriousness of the injury.

Straps will not be sufficient when you are feeling pain and swelling due to physical activities.

There are other knee braces designed for that, and the knee sleeves provide constant compression all around the joint, making it ideal for swelling. This offers daily pain relief.

The dual kneecap strap will help with patellar tracking problems. They work only to some extent. A sleeve or brace with an open patella design will work well.

Final Word

A Dual knee strap lessens the strain on patella tendons around your kneecap. It offers additional support and might assist in avoiding knee injuries. However, bear in mind that knee straps are supplementary. The knee sleeve, brace, or strap can’t substitute training, stretching, and rehabilitation when you want to heal.

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