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What You Should Know Before Enrolling Online MSN In Nursing

Nursing is a crucial profession as nurses are expected to work directly with patients to provide effective healthcare services. Nurses are responsible for taking care of patients’ interests and needs and making sure ethics meant to protect patients are adhered to. After undertaking a course in nursing, you could feel the need to advance your education by choosing to enroll in a master’s nursing program. The program will prepare you for a versatile career that is important in becoming a certified nurse educator. online masters in health administration can be involved as you might be required to juggle school and work. However, you need to understand the following.

What is MSN in nursing or online Masters in Health Administration?

Nurses willing to shape future RNs always consider MSN and MHA in nursing. This degree prepares them for how to manage clinical and classroom environments. As you are undertaking the program and working, you will sit for a certified nurse educator exam. The programs are flexible to allow nursing nurses willing to enroll for masters to learn perfectly. You don’t have to worry about your job. You will still keep the job and successfully complete your master’s program in as few as 18 to 22 months.

Which courses to take in the nursing master’s program?

MSN students in nursing have a variety of programs. You need to carefully scrutinize the options and consider one that sorts you the best. Some of the programs you can select from are:

  • Nursing informatics
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Simulation application in nursing
  • Advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning
  • Assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Advanced pathophysiology for nurse educators
  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Exploration of science and theories for nursing

As students proceed with their master’s programs, they engage in practicum to equip them with hands-on experience. They participate in 45 labs/clinic hours, 135 clinical hours which involve teaching practicum, and 45 clinical hours comprising advanced health assessments.

Is a master’s in nursing worth it?

An advanced degree helps to expand nurses’ knowledge and experience. It leads them to new career opportunities, hence increasing their salaries. A report released in May 2018 by the US Bureau of Labor shows that nursing instructors earned $80,380, and those teaching in surgical healthcare facilities earned $123,760. This is clear evidence that enrolling in a master’s program is a guarantee of earning more wages than you earn.

Attend an accredited nursing program?

Yes! Accreditation is vital and should never be ignored whatsoever. It’s important to choose a reputable institution. If you compromise this factor, you will be risking your finances and future employment opportunities. Check out the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) website to know the colleges and universities approved to offer nursing programs. There are various benefits of enrolling in an accredited university. You will have a chance to;

  • Apply and get state and federal financial aid
  • You can use military education advantages and pay your fees
  • It’s possible to acquire the appropriate skills and preparation for your doctorate program.
  • You can transfer course credits to any other accredited institution without difficulties.
  • There is the ease of qualifying for loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement programs.

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