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Top 7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Accounting Firm

An accountant is a lifeline and is significantly important for every business. You will need them to not only manage your financial records but also for your business growth. Therefore, you must do proper research before hiring an accounting firm. Here are 7 such questions you should ask an accountant in Midtown Tulsa, OK, before finalizing them.

Top 7 Questions to Ask an Accounting Firm

1. What licenses do you have?

Every business wanting to hire an accountant should look for someone with a license to operate. They should check whether they are certified CPAs with a complete degree-level study on all aspects of accounting. If they have additional certificates, it will be even better for your business.

2. Who will be doing your work?

A business will not deal directly with the accounting firm; a person will be assigned to their work. Therefore, every business should meet the designated person to understand their way of working and share expectations, if any, in the first meeting. It will help to maintain a cordial relationship between the both.

3. What services will be included?

Hiring an accounting firm does not mean they will manage everything. There will always be some exclusions and inclusions in the services they offer. There are some common accounting services that most accounting firms will offer. Additionally, there will be some firms who may even offer business and strategic services.

4. What can your clients say about you?

Feedback from an existing or previous client can be paramount for any business seeking a reputable accounting firm. Accountants make work easier for companies; hence, if the previous clients talk well about them, they are the right match for your company.

5. What will be your fees?

Before finalizing any accounting firm, it is a good idea to understand its fee structure clearly. You should check if they charge a flat rate for all services or if it differs depending on the work. Also, check whether they charge on an hourly or monthly basis.

6. How well do you know my industry?

Just as an accountant’s education is crucial, so is their experience in a related field. If you hire an agency that knows your business, they can help you save money and grow your business successfully.

7. What is your experience with the IRS?

Most accounting firms hire enrolled agents (EAs) along with CPAs. An EA is certified by the federal government and can assist businesses with IRS issues. Hiring an accountant with IRS experience can help businesses with future audits.

Wrapping Up!

Businesses can hire the best accountant or accounting firm by asking these seven questions. Keep this article handy when you interview the next accountant.

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