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The benefits of botox

Botox is an injectable which offers numerous psychological and physical benefits to men and women of all age groups. It’s a non-invasive way to improve one’s appearance and look younger. It reduces wrinkles and the fine lines on skin by gently paralyzing the muscles in the forehead and eye region. Many people also use botox as a treatment for excessive underarm sweating, bladder or bowel incontinence, muscular issues and neck pain. These used beyond cosmetics have proven that this injectable therapy is quite versatile.

Advantages of botox injections

Apart from the fact that botox keeps the visible signs of aging away from the skin, there are many benefits that the patients reap when they use the injection. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Patients look and feel better after the treatment: An aging skin can make feel people bad about themselves and their bodies. Undergoing this treatment help get the self-confidence back and keep away any signs of wear and tear from their face.
  2. A non-surgical facelift: Combining the injection with a face filler like Juvederm will give a facelift and that too without a surgery. This can also be used to enhance some facial features like making the cheekbones more prominent.
  3. Long lasting results: Though the results are not permanent, they are relatively long lasting and the injection needs to be used every 3-4 months.
  4. Safe process: This is one of the most common cosmetic treatment and hence it can be termed as safe and effective for minimizing wrinkles and facial lines. However, it is crucial that one consults only a certified, experienced and qualified provider to get the injection administered.

The injection can also bring relief to those suffering from migraine by reducing sensitivity to triggers like light. It also helps relax facial muscles in patients of Bell’s Palsy.

Botox aftercare tips you must know

Proper botox aftercare is very important to encourage optimal results and prevent bruising. On the day when you get the injection you should gently exercise your facial muscles, relax during the remaining day, ensure to maintain a normal heart rate, avoid rubbing or touching the affected area and not put any pressure on the area. Don’t sleep on the side of the treated area, sleeping on that side can cause physical pressure on the area. Avoid sun exposure for a few hours as the heat can encourage flushing. Also, avoid other forms of exposure to heat like hot tubs, hot showers or saunas.

The injection does not mandate any recovery time, so you do not need to take time off and can easily resume work and normal activities. If you exercise regularly, then you must ask your doctor about when you can resume working out. Physical activity increases the blood flow and hence the risk of bruising. You must avoid makeup for at least 24hours, however ask the provider and confirm the duration. You must consult your doctor about other medications that you can and cannot have. Make sure you go for your follow-up appointments even if you are completely satisfied with the results. The doctors would want to assess for muscular paralysis or any neurological injury. If any swelling, bleeding or redness appears you must contact the doctor immediately.

If you wish to keep those wrinkles away from your skin and keep your youth intact, you must contact a well-known and reliable botox provider. Make sure you do your research well about their services and confirm that they use quality products and have qualified doctors empaneled. A qualified doctor will be able to guide and advise you about the necessary pre-care and aftercare.

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