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Post-Covid symptoms: The Second half of the battle

Returning to stability after fighting the Covid 19 pandemic for weeks and months at long may be a big step towards wellness. While most common symptoms are known to us via different means of Covid reporting, this article concerns the lingering symptoms that lead to various physical and mental complications post covid recovery.

What are the Post-Covid Symptoms?

These are specific symptoms and problems of health that may arise ever after recovery from covid. Scientists have repeatedly warned about the immunity diminishing nature of the Covid 19 virus. These symptoms are valid for people of every age group and even the non-symptomatic carriers of the disease. The problems can be long-term, Short term or organ-specific.

Short Term Symptoms:

Problems like Shortness of Breath, Anxiety, Chest Pain, Chronic Coughing, Muscle Pain, etc., can take the pattern of recurring symptoms. While lingering cough is a ubiquitous post-Covid symptom as the virus causes upper respiratory inflammation in our lungs.

Long term Problems:

Experts worry that most people are unaware of the long-term impacts that Covid can have on our bodies and mind.

People associate fatigue shortly following the disease, but fatigue is actually a long-term problem as it is directly connected with weakened immunity and lung capacity. Headaches are other problems that are likely to follow the affected person for a long time. Scientists are also aware of the neurological manifestations the disease can have as Vertigo is rising as a common post-Covid symptom.

Organ Damage:

The wicked virus leaves traces of it by affecting several organs and systems of our body, which may make us prone to different other problems.

  • Heart: There are prolonged heart problems like Cardiac arrests due to Myocardial Damage led by the virus. Arrhythmia or fluctuating rate of heartbeat is also standard in recovering patients.
  • Lungs: The primary site of attack of the virus is the lungs, and they can also affect various other regions of our body. There may be repeated signs of damage to the alveoli due to the virus.
  • Brain: Brain Fog or the inability to think critically is one unique symptom. However, the risk of Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s disease gets increased post-Covid.
  • Circulatory Systems: Arteries and Blood Vessels often get clogged after recovering from covid 19, leading to cerebral strokes and other complications.

Ways of Tackling Post Covid Symptoms:

Switching to a ‘Healthier Lifestyle’ is not a choice but a necessity in the aftermath of Covid 19.

  • Ample Rest, Sleep is required for the immune system to strengthen and affected organs to recover fully.
  • Self-isolation after recovering is very necessary.
  • Fluids, including water, fruit juices, and a balanced intake of Vitamins and proteins, are recommended by doctors worldwide and comprise the fundamental WHO guidelines.
  • To tackle Brain Fog, one might engage in Sudoku, Crosswords, or Puzzles.
  • To improve the circulatory systems and the lungs’ airflow- exercise, restorative therapies like yogas and asanas are vital. Pranayamas like Kapalbhati, Bhramri with an Exhale/Inhale Ratio of 2:1 may improve the problems related to shortness of breath and cleanse the clogged airflow system.


The more we engage in various forms of Covid reporting, we tend to get more anxious. However, we cannot deny that information is also very important, and multiple forms of technology offerings that provide us such reports supply us with information. Resting might be a luxury for some. Instead, if we balance Sleeping, Eating, Exercising schedules, these long-term effects may be put to a check.

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