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How To Spot a Good Therapist

Undoubtedly, therapy has proven extremely important in many lives as it helps tackle various physical, psychological, and mental issues. We will be looking at the various qualities of a good therapist and how to spot a good one.

They Must Be ready To listen

Therapy is about sharing, absorbing, and giving helpful advice to clients. Before a therapist can absorb and provide a solution to the clients’ problems, they must have listened thoroughly to them.

A good therapist must be able to listen attentively to people’s issues. Many might think that listening to people talk is probably the easiest thing to do. It is not.

They Must Take Notes

Before further considerations, a good therapist must have taken the NPTE prep course and passed the test.

If you’re looking to spot a good therapist, they always jot things down during and after the therapy session. As the clients, you might not actually know what is being jotted, but all you need to know is that it is in your best interest.  This jotting helps them understand their patients/clients better and gives them insight into steps to treat the client based on their experience and what is being said.

Records Progress With The Client

Like a good therapist, the therapist should record progress after every therapy session with the client. This helps them track how well the client is doing and how many more sessions they need to recover fully. It also helps to know how bad the client is doing because some clients’ situations might not actually be improving despite numerous therapy sessions. In its entirety, recording clients’ progress is absolutely crucial and essential to any good and professional therapist.

They Should Have Your Best Interest At Heart

As a professional therapist, having the client’s interest at heart is their utmost priority, even if they do not fancy the idea. They should always help clients make decisions to help and improve the situation of the client as many times as possible.

They Are Always Confidential

Confidentiality is probably the most important attribute of a good therapist because information leakage might lead to further emotional and psychological damage to their patients. They should not share sensitive or any information at all concerning their clients with family and friends. If this rule is broken, it ultimately disqualifies the therapist from the label of “a good therapist.”


They Should Be Relatable

A good therapist should be able to come down to the level of the patient/client and be able to relate with them on certain fundamental levels. Some therapists say that being very relatable with the client makes the job very easy because you can see from the patient’s perspective and proffer relatable solutions based on your experience.

They Should Create A Strong Bond

Creating a concrete bond between the therapist and the client is crucial in helping the patients get better. A strong bond creates a platform for trust and open-mindedness. Progress can be made at great speed when there is trust between the partiesed.

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