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All That You Need to Know About Plasonic Fractional Plasma

This is one way to get a therapeutic effect on skin rejuvenation and permanent hair reduction. 

Plasonic is a new technology that uses plasma (PlaPass) and ultrasonic technology (SonoPass) in one system. Here we are going to discuss this technology and its effects.

Plapass: Plasma has become very popular amongst people in the market. It is a very important primordial in the universe that covers 99% of the universe. It helps improve the skin tone, deal with clogged pores and improve the overall texture of your skin. This plasma ion which is size 20 to 50 ㎛ is transmitted into your skin. The solution then dissolves inside your skin temporarily. On the other hand, cell adhesion molecules break due to the plasma effect

SonoPass: Ultrasound technology has a great demand in the market too. It has been popular in providing therapeutic agents like genetic materials, proteins, and chemotherapeutic agents. So here the Sonopass plays the role of an active form of transdermal delivery. They transport the permeants with a solution through the cell membranes in the form of ultrasonic energy.

At Retens, they have been using this latest skin rejuvenation technology, which uses this Plasonic 等離子美容 effect. This has helped people improve their skin tone, improves wrinkles, dullness, pigmentation, acne and many more. It is a non-invasive, efficient and safe technology used in many medical beauty treatments.

What is this Plasma Fibroblast therapy?

This is an aesthetic procedure that is provided by many healthcare providers. It is a great alternative to injections, lasers, or surgical treatments to improve your skin texture.

This procedure targets the fibroblasts. These are the protein-producing and collagen cells in the dermis, which is the layer of the skin just below the outermost layer of the skin. It is very good for skin healing wounds and maintaining skin tightness and firmness.

This treatment uses a pen-like device that provides a electric high-frequency current to the smaller skin areas. It does a 無痕填充 where the plasma tip doesn’t touch your skin. Instead, it releases its current to those targeted areas around the skin.

According to the study shown in 2019, this plasma fibroblast therapy is mainly used:

  • To break down the proteins in the skin
  • Encourages regeneration of the tissues
  • It stimulates the activities of fibroblast
  • It helps in tissue tightening.

This therapy can be used for treating the following conditions:

  • Acne scars
  • Photo ageing
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Wrinkled skin

This is a great alternative to lip fillers that makes your lip look fuller.

What is the procedure?

The basic steps include:

  • You need to first cleanse that area and then apply numbing cream in it to numb that area.
  • Then you can treat with the plasma pen the designated skin area. It will create tiny arcs of micro currents that will make little scab-like spots on the skin.
  • Then the professional will remove that numbing scream and apply a cooling gel to minimize that burning sensation.

Plasma therapy is a great way for improving your skin texture. It is safe and done in a controlled environment.

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