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October 2, 2023
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10 Cardio Exercises to level up your fitness game

When we talk about the exercises, we generally talk about the exercises that let us release our body heat. Such types of exercises are often known as cardiovascular exercises. It is that type of exercise that often increases the heart rate and breathing with the rise in oxygen level and the blood flow within our body. Hence cardio exercises are very important.

The top ten cardio exercises that result in leveling up your fitness are as follows:

  1. Mountain climbing: Mountain climbing is one of the most popular exercises. To start with this exercise, one needs to start with a plank posture and activate the wrists and thighs. Then draw your right knees to your chest and do the same with your left knee alternatively. Do it as quickly.
  1. Burpees: It is another form of cardio exercise in which all you need to do is stand with feet apart, jump up and drop yourself immediately on the floor and then shoot your feet back as a high plank posture.
  1. Jumping jacks’ cardio exercise: To do this, stand by keeping your feet together, and along with that, relax your arm as well as your abs. Jumps up with your legs apart and then try to clap at the top
  1. Marching in a particular place: In this form of cardio exercise, all you need is to march in a specific area. With the help of this exercise, your heart rate will increase, and your body will warm up.
  1. Stand in a single leg: This exercise is for the abdominal muscles. But all is that your heart rate will increase along with your breath.
  2. Jogging: is one of the most important forms of exercise that often seems to increase the heart rate and is suitable for warming up the body before going to the main exercise.
  1. Air jumps rope: it is another form of cardio exercise, which often requires the person to imagine that there is a rope and he needs to jump in the air.
  1. Aerobics: this cardio exercise needs music, and the person needs to be dancing. Due to this, people often increase their heart rate, and it also helps burn your calories.
  1. Squat jumps: in this form of cardio exercises, the focus is on the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps. It also helps to increase the intensity of the exercises, which leads to an increase in heart rate.
  • Screamer Lunges: It is also a cardio exercise that helps them increase the intensity of the exercises that results in the building of the leg muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise is regarded as the essential exercise that one needs to meet while attending to the fitness goal. Therefore, one has to go through such exercises that challenge his heart rate for every exercise.

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